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Urinary Incontinence in Dogs

Your dog peeing where you don’t want it to can be a major headache. Urinary incontinence is essentially when your dog can’t control its bladder causing it to urinate uncontrollably and unexpectedly. It's a medical condition that your canine companion often doesn't even realize it has, which can quickly become a nightmare for you. It generally affects older dogs, but it can happen at all ages, so it's essential for owners to be aware of how to handle it!


Causes of Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence can be caused by many things, though all of them are medical and biological occurrences. In senior dogs, it can result from their muscles weakening, making them unable to control their bladders and the passage of urine. It can also be caused by birth defects and other medical anomalies in the brain and spinal cord. Some diseases, such as a urinary tract infection, can temporarily give your dog urinary incontinence as well. Lastly, it can also result from medication that your canine friend is currently taking.


How to Diagnose Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence in your dog is not difficult to spot, mainly because it's hard to miss your dog peeing uncontrollably. However, it's much harder to diagnose the medical condition than that. It is often confused with other illnesses that cause your pooch to pee more than usual, so you must take them to a vet for a proper analysis. There, they will run tests on your dog to see what is the actual cause of their bladder complications!


Urinary Incontinence Treatment

The first step to treating urinary incontinence would be pinpointing what is causing the malady. If it's the cause of an infection or disease, your vet will begin to treat your dog with medicine and other procedures. However, suppose the urinary incontinence is a birth defect or body abnormality. In that case, surgery may be required to get your pooch back in top shape. There are many ways to combat incontinence in your canine companion, though if the cause is unknown, then it gets complicated. Nevertheless, your veterinarian can prescribe medication to strengthen their bladder muscles and allow them to hold their urine more effectively!


Jonesboro Animal Hospital Can Help Your Dog Combat Incontinence

Jonesboro Animal Hospital is a veterinary medical facility that provides a complete range of services for your pet. Our facility is equipped with both the staff and equipment to provide the best veterinary care for any problem your precious dog may have. We can accurately diagnose your canine companion of whatever situation they may have and treat them back to full health. Get in touch with us for any vet service you may need!


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