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How to Read Your Pet's Emotions Through Their Behavior

Have you ever wondered how to read your pet's emotions? After all, we communicate with our pets through body language since they cannot speak. It is often thought that animals do not have feelings, but we have learned that they do have emotions over time. Many signs are straightforward to identify through their behaviors, but many variations may be difficult to understand. 


This article will simplify how you can read your pet's emotions and decipher what feelings they communicate to you.


Examine the Posture of Your Pet

You can often tell what your pet is feeling by observing its posture and demeanor. A hunched over, withdrawn pet, and not greeting you indicates it isn't comfortable with a situation. If you think your pet is sad, look for body language like a hunched back, or a paw held up for self-defense.


Pay Attention to How Your Pet Uses His Eyes, Face, and Ears 

These parts of their bodies will convey several feelings. Canines narrow their eyes and stare at their owner to express aggressiveness. On the other hand, avoiding eye contact shows that they are being submissive or have the feeling of fear. When a cat is feeling anxious, its ears may go back.


Observe Your Pet's Legs and Tail

By checking your pet's tail, you can get helpful insight into your pet's feelings. In the case of a dog, wagging of the tail shows excitement and happiness, and a limp of the leg conveys pain. An erect tail of a cat means your cat is confident, happy, and approachable.


Listen to the Sounds That Your Pet Makes

Sound is one of the best methods animals use to communicate their feelings. Sound can help you understand what emotions your pet might be experiencing at the time. For instance, dogs commonly bark when they want to go outside anxiously. 


When your pet is growling, it is a sign of aggression. A meowing cat might signify a greeting or indicate that he is hungry. 


The most important thing you need to understand in all the scenarios is the problem and then do something about it to keep your pet healthy and happy.


Jonesboro Animal Hospital is Here to Assure Your Pet is At Their Best

At Jonesboro Animal Hospital, we understand how important it is that your animals receive the best treatment possible. That is why we offer a full range of services to ensure they get the medical attention they need. 


These services include: Wellness plans, dentistry, surgery, laser therapy, In-House diagnostics, emergency & urgent care, and boarding. 

For additional information, please contact us or visit our website.


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