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How To Handle Your Dog's Lice

Lice are nefarious bloodsucking parasites that can make your pet’s life miserable. While they cannot fly or jump, lice still have a way of transmitting usually through direct contact with another infected animal. Your dog may also be exposed to lice through infected bedding and grooming tools. Lice are usually a threat to dogs when they are grouped together, such as in the case of daycare or boarding facilities. Make sure you are on top of your pet’s lice care by reading up on the information below. 


Lice, like many other parasites, experience a life cycle that can be broken into three stages:


  • The egg
  • The nymph 
  • The adult 


An infection begins when a female lays her eggs at the base of your pet’s hair. These eggs, along with the lice themselves, are sturdily glued to your pup’s hair shafts and will need special tools or shampoo to effectively remove. 

If your dog has lice, the infestation will begin to worsen as nymphs begin to enter their adult phase after a week. According to experts, lice take about 3 to 4 weeks to fully develop into a reproductive adult. 

If your pooch has lice, it is recommended that you either apply a topical remedy such as medicated shampoo or tend to your dog’s unkempt hair by cutting and grooming with a flea comb. Always be sure to disinfect any tools you use on your lice-positive pup!


We’ll Take Care of Your Pup’s Lice

While lice infections have become rarer in the modern pet owner world, we at Jonesboro Animal Hospital are here to help no matter what. Our team of skilled professionals will tend to your pup’s medical needs with attentiveness and care. For all your pup’s medical and wellness

needs, visit or call us today to schedule your companion’s examination. We’ll guide you on how to provide your friend with the care they need to beat lice. 

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