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Cat Boarding Tips Every Jonesboro Pet Parent Should Know

Boarding your cat can be a harrowing experience, especially if you are a protective feline parent. There are many boarding horror stories that can rightfully put you off from trying it. Still, boarding can actually be good and safe for your cat companion. To ensure the best experience for your kitten, there are some cat boarding tips every Jonesboro pet parent should know!


Research the Facility

Not all cat boarding facilities are the same, and it’s essential to do your due diligence before placing your feline companion in one. One of the most important cat boarding tips every Jonesboro pet parent should know is to do your research. Check out the place first if you can to see if it's neat, tidy, and capable of caring for your cat. You should also look up the services they offer and what they have planned during your stay!


Bring Your Own Things

While these facilities will typically provide everything your cat could need, it definitely helps to bring some of your own things. It helps your cat with the fear and anxiety of being left in a new location for some time. Furthermore, if your cat is feeling anxious, it might not take to the new place so easily. It’s a good idea to leave them with a familiar toy, bed, blanket, or even food to help ease them in.


Talk to the Staff

No cat is the same, and you know your own pet the best. Communicate with staff about your feline friend and their behavior because they will be the ones caring for them while you are away. Tell them what your cat likes and how you do things at home. It will help the staff provide the best possible experience for your furry friend!


Emergency Procedures

An excellent cat boarding tip every Jonesboro pet parent should know is to be prepared for everything. In case something terrible happens, you should leave a copy of your cat's medical records with the boarding facility. Subsequently, inform the staff about any medical conditions or needs your pet has so they are prepared to deal with them.


We Can Provide the Best Boarding Experience

Jonesboro Animal Hospital is a place that offers everything your pet could want and need. Our full-service hospital can do everything from simple grooming to high-level medical procedures. There is nowhere safer for your feline friend to spend time than under our roof. Contact us about any questions and learn what we can do for you and your animal friends!


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